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The major activity for the MoKanOk section in 2015 is hosting the ACS Pentasectional Meeting.  This meeting allows undergraduate and graduate students to present their work to fellow researchers and educators.  For the 2015 Pentasectional, to encourage interest in the study of chemistry, we are also inviting area high school teachers and students for the Saturday afternoon period.  In addition, there will be a Special Session during Saturday afternoon on "Careers in Chemistry", with a speaker panel to address questions at the end of the session.  Those who will soon be entering the workforce may find this session valuable as well as those considering their choice of career path.



Upcoming guest speakers are being planned for the fall semester.


12/4/14:  Dr. Frank Blum, Oklahoma State University:
"The POLY Road Show Presents … Tough Stuff – Polymers Around Us"

10/30/14:  Dr. Bradley Fahlman, Central Michigan University:
"A Contextual Framework for General Chemistry Curricula"

9/17/14:  Dr. John Fortman, Wright State University:
“Demonstrations of Everyday Applications of Chemistry"

4/1/14:  Dr. Robert Pavlis, Pittsburg State University:
"Coffee and Chemistry"

3/6/14:  Heather Knechtges, Ford Motor Company:
"Electrostatic Discharge in Automotive Fuel Systems"

2/10/14:  Dr. Tammy Dugas, LSU Health Sciences Center:
“Red Wine, Resveratrol and Drug-eluting Stents"


3/11/15 - Dr. Eric Bosch, Missouri State University
"Art and Chemistry"

4/29/15 - Dr. Robert Blackledge, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, RFL Retired

Local section meetings begin at 6 p.m. at a local restaurant and are followed by a return to the Pitt State campus for the speaker presentation.



On 4/29, we hosted the annual Spring Student Awards Banquet for schools in the MoKanOk section.  Awards are offered for the Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Student and the Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student.  Recipeints of the 2015 awards are as follows:

Ft. Scott Community College:

General Chemistry Student  - Huy Nguyen

Labette Community College:

General Chemistry Student - Jessica Wade

Organic Chemistry Student - Lauren Simmons


Neosho County Community College:

General Chemistry Student:   Lok B. Shrestha


Cottey College:

General Chemistry Student:  Brittany Dalton

Organic Chemistry Student:  Vaea Tesan


Congratulations to these award winners for their hard work and their success!


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